"Small Steps to Success believes that children can aspire to be anything they want to be in life with hard work, determination and above all true belief in their abilities. Small Steps to Success provides quality workshops for children that will inspire and motivate them to develop a more positive attitude to life and learning, in a bid to make their lives better. Our aim is to raise aspirations for the future!"

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Small Steps to Success offers 6 different workshops for different age groups which are targeted specifically at schools however workshops may also be delivered to any youth group or organisation. The 6 workshops are designed to meet the needs of the key age groups that we are catering for.

Year 6 Workshop (Primary) - Small Step, Giant Leap
Helping children cope with the transition process. Improving self-esteem and confidence.

Year 7 Workshop - First Class
Helping children cope with their 1st year at high school. Improving children's self esteem and confidence.

Year 9 Workshop - Your Life, Your Choice, Your Future
Choosing options, helping children make the right decisions.

Year 11 Workshop - Recipe for Success
Helping children prepare for their exams and to motivate them to achieve more than they thought possible.

Year 12/13 Workshops - The World Is Your Oyster
Encouraging these young adults to see what the world has to offer them and to grab all their opportunities with both hands.

Anti-Bullying Workshop - No Victims, Just Survivors
Based on my two year bullying ordeal as a young teenager, which resulted in my mum writing her first of many children's books and enjoying a very successful career. Available to any age group.

Primary and Secondary School Packages

Primary School Packages

Secondary School Packages