"Small Steps to Success believes that children can aspire to be anything they want in life with hard work, determination and a true belief in their abilities. We provide high quality positive psychology workshops for children, parents and teachers that will inspire and motivate them to develop a more positive attitude to life and learning which will enable them to raise their aspirations and achieve more."

Staff Workshops


This workshop is designed for teaching staff and enables a one off intervention to have a lasting effect on staff effectiveness and engagement. Psycap focuses on individual's strengths and builds upon them rather than trying to fix their weaknesses. It is characterised by four main strengths which include, efficacy, optimism, hope and resilience which all work together to make up an individuals psychological state.


Research suggests that teachers who help their students develop a growth mindset in their classrooms enable children to challenge themselves more, aim higher and achieve better results. This workshop provides staff with simple strategies they can incorporate into their normal classroom practices that will encourage more growth minded individuals in their classroom and improve the teaching and learning experience for all, not to mention the results.


Developing the 7 performance character strengths to enable children to perform at their optimal level and experience success and achievement. This workshop educates teaching staff about the effect development of these 7 performance character strengths can have on student achievement. Staff will leave equipped with interventions they can use in their classroom which will develop each individual strength in their students and this will not only improve the results but also develop both staff and student wellbeing and can form part of the schools PSHE programme.